Photo Gallery

These are photos taken on our recent trip to Maui in July-August, 2007.  All photos are Copyright 2007(c) Kenneth R. Teleis.



Brown Slug

I'm not exactly sure what this fish was

Raccoon Butterfly

Spotted Eagle Ray at Ulua Beach

Eel 1

Eel 2

Eel at Mala

Family photo - Big Island

Royal Lahaina Luau Photo

Lori and kids at sunset - Kihei

The sign says it all

Red Frogfish

Rainbow on the way back from Haleakala summit

Airport Beach Hawkfish

Julia - sunset in Kihei

Kids on the Big Island

Milky Scorpionfish

Airport Beach - Patch reefs

Scorpion Fish?

Rainbow over Molokini

Rachel in First Cathedral - Lanai

Rachel and Ken on a dive at Lanai

Rachel at her safety stop - Lanai

Red fish

Reticulated Butterfly fish

We were really getting kicked around in surge so this was as close as I could get

Scorpion Fish

Banded Shrimp

Starfish - Ulua

Lori and kids at Haleakala summit

The rain was blowing torrentially here - I stayed in the car to keep the camera dry.

Sunset on West Maui - Wahukuli Beach



Trumpet Fish - Lanai

Turtle at Mala

Turtle - Ulua

Varicosa Nudibranch

Leaf Scorpionfish

Stern of the Carthaginian Wreck

Prop of the Carthaginian

Two frogfish on the Carthaginian

Some of the seven pools of O'heo

There was a large amount of flooding this day so we couldn't swim in the pools.

Mongoose at Waianapanapa State Park

Kids in a lava cave at Waianapanapa

Black sand beach

Wailua Falls

Waterfall on the Road to Hana